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Incorrect Bra Size, How Can You Tell? Wrong Bra Size Signs & Symptoms
A bad fitted bra can cause serious health problems, and it does not look good at all! More than 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. 70% wear bras that are too small, and 10% wear bras that are too large*.
Are you wearing a wrong sized bra? Not sure? We tell you how you can find out! Check our list of Wrong Bra Size Signs and Symptoms below. If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, you might be wearing a wrong sized bra!

Bad Fitted Bra Signs/ Symptoms and Solutions

It is riding up! If your bra creeps up in the back, it is badly fitted. This is unfortunately very usual! The band shall be horizontal all the way around your torso. Stand sideways in front of the mirror to discover. It is also easy to discover whether the bra band is riding up if you are able to see it from behind. Use one mirror in front and one behind yourself. Or simply ask a good friend to have a look.

What to do? If the band is riding up, the band size is to big (and the cup size usually too small). Try hooking your bra on a tighter setting and loosening the straps. If this not helps, you need to buy a new bra with a smaller band size.
Important: Cup Size is relative to the band sizes. When you change into a smaller band size, you should usually also change into a larger cup size! (One band size down means one cup size up, i.e. 38C ->36D). Read more about this in our Bra Sister Size guide.
Your bra cups runneth over/ breasts are "bulging" out. This is a classic wrong bra sizing symptom. If your breasts spill/bulg over the top or sides (!) of your bra, the cups are too small. To easily discover this sign, simply put on a very tight T-shirt in light colors while you are wearing your bra. If you see any bulges on the side of the cups or over the top of the cups, the cup size is too small.

What to do?
Try to go up (at least) one cup size (and down in band size - see our Bra Sister Sizing Guide).
Your bra cups dimple or wrinkle. This is a quite usual problem. It indicates that your cups are too large.

What to do? Go down one cup size (and up one band size if your band size was OK - see Bra Sister Sizing) and check again.
The band is too loose. The band shall fit tight. If you are able to pull the band further than two inches away from your body (in the back), you are wearing a too large band size.

What to do? Go down one band size (and one cup size up if your cups were OK - read more about why you need to increase your cup size in our Bra Sister Size Guide).
The bra band digs info your flesh (around your torso). A bra is supposed to fit tight, but the band shall not dig into your flesh. If it does, it usually indicates that the band size is too small.

What to do? Try to change into a larger band size (you must probably also change into a smaller cup size while increasing the band size. Read more about this in our Bra Sister Size Guide).
The shoulder straps cut into your shoulders. Usually, this is due to a too small cup size, but sometimes also by to small band size.

What to do?
Go up one (or more) cup size. Try first one cup size up, and one more if needed. If the band size was OK on your original bra, you need to go down one level in band size for every level you are increasing your cup size (this is because band size is relative to cup size - read more in our Bra Sister Size Guide.) Sometimes this problem also can be caused by too small band size. If the problem not is solved after increasing cup size, try to increase your band size (Important: always try to increase cup size first!).
The wire cuts into your breast (under your arms). If the wire cuts into your breasts, you are wearing a cup size that is too small.

What to do? Choose a bigger cup size and a smaller band size -> see Bra Sister Sizing

The underwire is pushed away from your body between your breasts. If the underwire is pushed away from the body (making a gap between the wire and your skin), the cup size is too small.

What to do? Choose a larger cup size. Sit down while trying a bra on, then you will find out if your bra is pulling away from your body.
If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, you might be wearing a wrong sized bra! Then check out our How to Determine Bra Size Guide.

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* = Bra size study by Katherine Wood, Melainie Cameron and Kylie Fitzgerald (Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia)