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Bra Band Size

How to Determine Your Bra Band Size?
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Band size (also called frame size) is a number that indicates the circumference around the women`s torso, under or over her bust. If your bra size is 36D, 36 is your band size.
Band size can be measured both over and under the bust. We recommend that you measure under the bust. That is also the easiest way to measure your band size properly. See the illustration below and the instuctions on how to measure band size:

How to Measure Band Size?

How to Measure band size
Illustration: WikiHow
Simply measure all the way around your torso with a measuring tape, just below your bust. You will get the best result if you keep your arms down and close to the body while measuring (get help from somebody else, if possible).

Use a measuring tape showing inches when measuring. Measuring in centimeters? Divide your measurement by 2.54 to get your measurement in inches. Then you can find your bra size in EU, FR (or any other bra sizing system) by using our Bra Size Conversion Charts.


Determine Band Size:

If you got an even number (i.e. 32 inches), this number is most likely to be your band size - simple as that! But be aware that you sometimes may need a smaller or larger bra size depending on your body type. If you got an odd number (i.e. 31), 30 or 32 will be your bra size. We recommend that you try on bras in both the size below and the size above your measurement (size 30 and 32 in this example.)

Please Note! Different Bra Sizing Systems

Please note: the bra band size measuring method as described above is based on so called "modern bra sizing." Nearly all bra manufacturers use the modern bra sizing system today. But be aware that some manufacturers may still use the older "traditional bra sizing system" from the 1930s. To find your size in this older system, you need to add the number 5 to your measurement if it is an even number, and 5 if it is an odd number.

Next step:

Congratulations, you have now found your bra band size (frame size). To find your cup size, click here!
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