Buy Bra as gift - find right bra size
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Buy Bra as Gift - Find the Right Bra Size

Buying Bra as a gift can be difficult - let us help you!
This article is about how to find the right bra size when buying bras as a gift. If you are a women searching for How to Measure Bra Size/ How to find Your Bra Size, please have a look here.

Find the Right Bra size When Buying Bras as a Gift

Girls love to receive new (expensive?) underwear. But how to find the right bra size? Asking her about her bra size is no good idea. She can both get embarrassed and figure out your plans. Here is our tips on how to buy bras as a gift:

Simply sneak peak in bra drawer and read the size. Be sure you are reading in a bra she actually is using (maybe she has got old bras just laying in her drawer). Look in more than one bra to verify the size.

Make sure that the store has a good exchange policy! (Not all underwear stores have!)

Maybe you can make an arrangement with the bra store that you pay for a certain set (size; best guess), and then she can come back in and find the right size (if it not fits).

Give her a gift certificate from the bra store (not very exciting, but very smart...)


YOUR tips for buying bra as a gift?

Share your own experiences on how find the right bra size - and help confused boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and friends out there...
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