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Conversion Charts for All International Bra Sizes
Shopping for bras on the internet? You may save a lot of money, but it is not always easy to find the right size. If you order from another country, the sizing system may be different. But don`t worry - we will help you converting your bra size.

Make sure you have got the right bra size in the first place, and then simply use our bra size conversion table/chart to determine your bra size in another bra sizing system.

Understand The Codes:

US = USA, UK = United Kingdom, EU = Europe (also used in Japan), AU = Australia (also used in New Zealand), FR = France (also used in Spain and Belgium), IT = Italy (also used in Chez Republic).

Choose Your Size Conversion Chart:

US to UK, EU, AU, FR, IT
EU to US, UK, AU, FR, IT
AU to US, UK, EU, FR, IT
FR to US, UK, EU, AU, IT
IT to US, UK, EU, AU, FR
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